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• Brand Identity (strategize with clients regarding the intent of their organization to collaboratively arrive at a name, mark, tagline and URL that will serve, in an enduring and consistent way, as the manifestation of their intent.)

• Multimedia (expand the experience of the physical world to people with disabilities and everyone else through engaging and accessible presentations that can be used online, in meetings and as stand alone presentations.)

• Web (implement a brand identity into a customized site design that includes relevant information, links and imagery that is easy to navigate, quick to download and is functional on a variety of devices such as web browsers, hand helds and tablets.)

• Print (apply brand identity to all varieties of print collateral and oversee production to ensure consistency and quality.)

• Architecture (employ knowledge and training in architecture to facilitate the application of a brand identity to a variety of physical elements.)

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branding bellevue: cl design border image

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